About Rob Miller

Rob Miller

Part strategist, part writer, part techie, I like to solve problems for businesses that involve people, commercials, and technology.

I like nothing more than getting my head around complex systems and then explaining and simplifying them – whether that’s consumer behaviour in a particular market, the nuts and bolts of a commercial model, or the technology that powers a business.

I’m currently Chief Strategist at big fish®, a design, branding, and marketing consultancy based in London. I help our clients – people like Yeo Valley, Dorset Cereals, Belvoir Fruit Farms, and Tyrrells Crisps – with their commercial and marketing strategies, I run strategy workshops, I plan and facilitate qualitative and quantitative consumer research, and I generally try to bring instinct, insight, and inspiration to the creative process.

I particularly love working with direct businesses, where I can use my data analysis abilities and digital experience to give effective advice. I’ve worked with businesses like, Freddie’s Flowers, Yellow Zebra Safaris, and Pai skincare, among many others, on everything from consumer profiling to UX, from data analysis to hiring development teams.

Before I got into my current line of work, in 2010, I worked as a journalist and lived for a time in Bosnia where I reported on war crimes trials at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m still a fully signed-up Balkanophile, and follow the region’s news whenever I can. Govorim malo bosanski – slobodno me kontaktirajte na BHS-u!

Ceasing to work as a journalist hasn’t diminished my love for writing, as you can see from this blog. As well as what’s on this site, you can find my book reviews, travel writing, and other attempts at “serious” writing on my writing blog.

I also wrote my first book in 2015: Text Processing with Ruby, published by the wonderful Pragmatic Bookshelf.

I also enjoy working on open source software. You can find some of my work on my GitHub profile. Among my more popular projects are: ruby-wpdb, a WordPress binding for Ruby; varnisher, a tool for purging Varnish HTTP caches; and batchtapaper, a mass-adding tool for Instapaper.

If you’d like to contact me, you can email me at